Why Use Us?

Why use our Professional Services?

We will…

* Educate you on the home buying process.

* Locate suitable properties through an extensive computer system.

* Make arrangements to view selected properties.

* Help you determine if you have found the right home by providing you with market information.

* Provide professional financing guidance and arrange mortgage pre-approval.

* Inform you of normal expenses associated with the purchase of a home.

* Disclose known material facts about the property.

* Help you successfully navigate the offer process, and ensure that the offer is promptly presented to the seller for consideration.

* Provide information on the availability of related services, such as appraisal, home inspection, legal, survey, contracting and other services.

* Coordinate all of the details to ensure a smooth transaction. Our services do not end when your offer is accepted, they continue long after you are happily in your new home!

*When working with us, our services are normally available at no charge to you. We will be paid from the seller’s proceeds.

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